Brothels cbd best one night stand

brothels  cbd best one night stand

... We fucked in missionary position until I came and then we cuddled for a while, talking about life in general. This lady will make you feel like the only two people left in the world! So those ladies aren't going to be so willing to call the police. It was a Tuesday night, and a bit before midnight, I was close to Edgecliff, and I made a spur of the moment decision to have a booking. Legalise it, regulate it and tax the hell out of it.

Ana is the perfect choice for those looking for someone who has the desire to fulfil all your fantasies. Ah Ana What can I say? She is a perennial favourite of mine even though she has only just started.

After a long day out, and a late finish I decided to check Liaison's. Noticing that the new girl Ana was on shift, I decided there was no point in doing the rounds of the establishments. I walked in and requested if Ana was available. We hadn't seen each other since that first day, so the initial embrace was A bit more than warm. Booked Ana for 1 hour. We quickly got reacquainted. God, did I miss her embrace, her kisses, her sexiness. She was particularly horny on this occasion. Better than in previous times.

I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we're more familiar and comfortable with each other than previously. I went down on her and in this instance she came quicker than in previous times. Then I fucked her stupid. Had some really good chats. Had some more fucking. I walk out grinning from ear to ear. Looks wise, Ana would definitely be everyones cup of tea.

She's young slim and gorgeous and god, can she fuck. She's a little nymph, and the more effort you put in with her the more you get in return. Aria 23 Brunette 32C Australian 6 5'7". Aria is an absolute stunner with her petite, toned size 6 body and her extremely beautiful face. Aria is one of the prettiest girls at Liaisons. Be sure to check out the charms of this lovely beauty while she is visiting. Ariana 19 Brunette 10D Maltese 8 5'4".

Ariana is a 19yo size 8 brunette with a sweet naughty and erotic nature. With the face of an angel, mischievous eyes and a mind-blowing service this Maltese minx will have you hypnotised. We suggest you make time to visit Ariana for some bedroom magic from Malta!! I don't mind giving a review and reference, though as a man its hard to share The moment Ariana walked into the introduction room door, I felt like a school boy looking over the girl of my dreams.

We chatted for some time, and I could sense that Ariana was interested as well. A man can tell. I indicated to the hostess that I had made my choice and we made our way to the best room at Liaisons. She made herself ready and when Ariana brought back my drinks, we undressed, and started kissing and caressing. Finally falling onto the bed where I was able to feel her thighs wrapped around my face, moaning and smiling, Alex slowly but surely felt my tongue licking and caressing her.

I was totally intoxicated with the girl and after some time, I moved her into a doggy position where I finished off the night of lust. What a lovely girl she is, softly spoken, kind, and graceful. Ariana is a dreamy girl, that fits well into Liaisons. I am surely going to enjoy many more occasions and thoroughly enjoyed an interesting conversation and highlights. Arin 23 Brunette 10E Persian 8 5'3". Preserve you energy guys as Arin is a real fire cracker! Just when you think your exhausted, Arin will make extend with her intense sexual appetite which is far too much for any man to resist.

Dont wait any longer as this lady is a real show stopper. Finding myself at a loose end on a Friday night I thought I would drop in to Liaisons. As expected there was a parade of beautiful women coming to see me but then Arin walked in. She is quite possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. I was so dumbstruck that all I could do was blurt out "I want you". She smiled and was soon leading me up to the room. After the usual health check Arin left me to have a shower but was soon back in the room.

She undressed revealing a stunning body. She's not tall but she has amazing curves and satin skin. We started kissing passionately. She really got into that and gave the true girlfriend experience. Sucking on her nipples made her moan softly as she arched her back. She moved down to give me some oral and is equally talented in that department. Before long I was begging her to ride me which she did with enthusiasm. Then we moved to me on top. She really seemed to enjoy it hard and fast. We moved into spooning and she pushed back against me while occasionally turning for some more kissing.

Again she liked it hard and fast and watching her bite her lip and moan with pleasure was a sight to see. All I can say is that I would've loved to take her home with me and spend hours with her. She is quite simply amazing in every way. Athena 20 Brunette 32D Australian 6 5'3". Athena is drop dead gorgeous with an absolutely superb body. If your looking for a hot look then look no further. Athena provides a very soft and sensual service and loves nothing more than to tease and please until you can take no more.

So what are you waiting for guys Athena is only here for two weeks. I made my way to Liaisons and there I was introduced to 7 lovely ladies but I really liked Athena. If I had to sum up Athena I would say she is an absolute sweetie pie and not to mention absolutely stunning as well. After taking care of the formalities she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer and started some kissing. Our lips were locked continuously for several minutes and the longer the embrace the hotter it became.

As I slid her bra off, her lovely breasts popped out. Still with our lips locked we moved to the bed and she was more than happy to try the various positions that I wanted. Maybe it was an act but she appeared genuinely disappointed when I wanted to cum as if she wanted more and more. I left completely satisfied after seeing Athena and would return in a heartbeat.

Ava 25 Brunette 10C Australian 8 5'8". Ava is the epitome of grace and sophistication, always ready to please you in more ways than one. Her ways of seduction will truly satisfy you. Ava provides a true genuine girlfriend experience and loves to shower you in passionate kissing. Her fit and toned size 8 figure is a sight long remembered. Don't miss out on a life changing experience with the stunning Ava.

I had read some reviews of Ava previously and her description was very appealing - young slim and busty, so after checking the Liaisons website for which ladies were on for the day I made my way over to Edgecliff. Ava came in to introduce herself with a cheeky smile and after all introductions had finished I quickly made my way to reception without hesitation to book Ava for an hour.

Ava took me upstairs and after a health check and shower I just sat on the bed, patiently waiting for Ava to return. After a few minutes Ava came back into the room and sat on my lap and removed her top and bra to reveal a beautiful pair of breasts.

I started kissing and sucking those perfect tits before she gave me a sensational blow job. After a long and slow blow job we moved to the bed where I proceeded to lick her out. Her clit was very responsive and I managed to make her orgasm. From there we had sex in multiple positions including missionary, cowgirl, and doggy. Needless to say, I came a number of times. Buzzer rang soon after just as we were having a long passionate kiss and cuddle.

Bella 23 Brunette 10C Australian 6 5'4". Bella is the ultimate dream-come-true. A genuine slim petite beauty, with a inner-devil always about to escape. This lady specialises in erotic teasing and loves to take it slow, before bringing you to an explosive climax. Left my CBD office feeling horny, and decided to go to Liaisons. Met 7 ladies and having a preference for blonde I chose Bella.

Health check, shower, then lots of passionate kissing. Then it was time to lick her out. She initially made fake moans before her body started to tense and her cunt started getting wet, yum yum, job done. Next it was time for a blow job with lots of eye contact. Jacinta has mesmerising eyes, however the reflection of her arse on the mirror was more interesting to me. I asked her to lean on the mirror and fucked her doggy style till I cum.

The view was perfect. Time for a quick shower, massage and onto round 2. Another long and slow blow job then she gets on top. I watched her sexy tits bouncing before I pushed her face towards mine and started passionately kissing. She slowed her rhythm and allowed me to enjoy the experience, and at some stage she stopped moving and just concentrated on the kissing part while I was inside her.

The buzzer went and I asked for missionary and we went hardcore. She moaned hard, the buzzer went again, she hugged me, kissed me deep, and clawed my back real hard before throwing the weight of her head backwards and releasing a loud moan. The buzzer went again and again but we ignored it and we kept fucking until I cum again. We chatted for a couple of minutes while I had a shower then I got dressed and left. What an awesome experience - Cant wait to go back!

Bianca 18 Brunette 36C Australian 8 5'4". Bianca constantly has heads turning. She has a gorgeous size 8 body with long dark hair, and can be best described as none other than beautiful. This beauty has never worked before but is is ready and waiting for you to fill your day with pure pleasure.

Let Bianca wrap her legs around your body so she can show you the time of your life! I had seen her once before last week and also had a great time when I saw her on that first occasion, so yesterday I decided to make a booking to see her for my second time, the receptionist tempted me into staying for 75 minutes instead of the 60 minutes I had originally booked for, and boy am I glad I did! We started by getting intimate and some light kissing and foreplay, much like we did the first time.

We chatted and got along well sharing a lot of fun stories and times in our lives, just like we did on the first time I chose to stay with her. Then it got very sexual and Bianca fully knew what I wanted and knew how she could get my heartbeat racing and turn me on, which she definitely did very quickly. She allowed me to live out all of my desires and pleasures in the 75 minutes I was with her yesterday.

I would like to thank Bianca for the wonderful time she has shown me over my last two visits, and thank Liaisons for hiring such a beautiful, gorgeous, super-friendly and super-sexy girl, thus allowing me the opportunity to have such a fantastic time with her at your establishment and allowing me to live out my fantasies and have such a wonderful time with such a gorgeous and sexy woman in Bianca.

I will definitely be booking to spend some more time with Bianca again in the future, she has left me wanting more of her wonderfully bubbly personality and super-gorgeous smile and looks. I will definitely be coming back for more! Brandi 21 Brunette 10D Somalian 8 5'4". Brandi is enchanting, with her exotic looks and a perfect petite size 8 figure. She has coffee coloured soft skin and the most charming personality this lady is enticing and will hold the attention of any gentleman.

Brandi has a sexual prowess that will keep you coming back for more. She will certainly keep you on your toes!

This was my first time at Liaisons. There where 9 ladies available at the time, however Brandi was the stand out. Her look and personality at the introduction attracted me to her straight away. I opted for the 1hr girlfriend experience. Once in the room I had a health check, then asked to take a shower, Brandi assured me that I could take my time as the clock would not start until she returned to the room. As for the service there was lots of caressing, kissing, sucking, licking she seemed to really enjoy mutual oral and of course sex in different positions with a break in the middle for a relaxing massage which I also found very relaxing and enjoyable before we got into again.

I would definitely see her again! Brooke 23 Brunette 10DD Australian 6 5'6". Brooke is sweet and feminine. With a subtle touch and a beautiful nature, Brooke offers a genuine passionate service with lots of kissing.

When Brooke discreetly slips her hand into yours or plants a soft kiss on your lips, you will instantly melt into a puddle of desire. Eager to please, this delightful young lady will ensure your time between the sheets is one to remember. Was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. Just had some luck at Star Casino and was being taxied back to the hotel when i saw Liaisons I so pulled up right in front. Walked in and the receptionist put me in a private waiting room.

Chatted to all the girls at the introduction meeting as they came through one by one. Much better that the meat parade in other brothels. Brooke came in last and she not only looked nice but she was quite intelligent. Asked her if she would like to show me a good time and lucky me she said yes.

So I get taken upstairs and into the room for a shower and health check. Kissing, foreplay, oral, then some of the best sex i have ever had. Well can wait to go back to Sydney for work again and pop into Liaisons.

I found myself finding it hard to choose between girls I know so well, as I walked into Liaisons. So, not knowing who to choose, it brought a sense of anticipation as I decided to choose someone new in the introduction room. When Brooke came into the room she brought in a new level of class I really appreciated.

A very classic introduction, her name, age, and country, and then her services. Saying it so smoothly with her engaging smile. So pretty, and young, and beautiful to look at in her size 6 frame. Her ample breasts sitting sweetly in her bra. Without hesitation, I asked for Brooke, and was taken back to her bedroom. We looked each other over, and we could tell we were going to get on like a house on fire.

There was only one way for me to be truly satisfied with with this girl in a thirty minute booking. So, I asked her to bend over, where I fucked her in doggy. I immediately added another 30 minutes, having some more fun. It is no wonder to me that Liaisons is the place to go in Sydney. I will be back next week, and love to the girls.

Candice 20 Brunette 34C Australian 6 5'6". Candice will make you truly breathless. This stunning brunette is turning heads already with her perfectly toned body and the face of an angel. This lady will take you to places you have never been before, and you will come back for more and more.

Drove by Liaisons today and decided to pop in. After being put in to the waiting room to meet the ladies, in walked Candice. Her intro was flawless covered everything I wanted to hear without me having to ask her any further questions. She said she kisses and I cum as many times as I want with no extra charges.

I was sold - that's all I wanted to hear. In to the room we went and she takes off that bra and was now only wearing black French lingerie. Fuck she was hot, when I got out of the shower we went straight into kissing while she stroked my cock. Then she gave me the best blow job with heaps of good eye contact. She looked so sexy giving me that blowjob wearing only her g-string and heels. Then she rode me for a while until I came. Now it was time for round 2.

Yes I thought I've never had the pleasure of fucking such a hot chick. Anyway more oral then into missionary and finishing in doggie. Do yourselves a favour and check her out when you get a chance, you can thank me after u see her.

I know I'll be back to see her again. Chelsea 20 Brunette 32B Australian 8 5'9". Chelsea is a powerful sex machine. Chelsea has the goods to hold you captive for countless hours. Her service is jam packed with mind blowing fun. With a great look and a hot body, this lady is a Aussie knock out.

Conserve your energy guys as you are in for the ride of your life! Claudia 20 Brunette 10B German 8 5'2". Claudia is flirtatious, playful and is ready to rock your world! This beauty needs to be seen to be believed. Claudia is a sensual brunette who will knock your socks off! Don't deny yourself this very special lady, so pre-book to avoid disappointment. Come in and meet Claudia tonight. This is the second time I have seen Claudia as she's only just started at Liaisons.

She provides a very affectionate and passionate girlfriend experience. I'm a bit inexperienced to be honest and she was very happy to show me how to go down on her and bring her to orgasm. This was followed by an excellent blowjob and then we spent the last 25 minutes shagging in various positions. I had a wonderful time and cant wait to go back.

Crystal 25 Blonde 10DD Australian 8 5'6". Crystal is new to Liaisons. She is a 25yo Aussie beauty, with a natural DD bust. This lady is no amateur when it come to pleasing her man. She will not let anything slide but her body on yours. Daisy 23 Brunette 10D Eurasian 6 5'7". Daisy is the ultimate playmate. Spend some sexy time with Daisy and you will be quickly wrapped up in her soft and intimate seduction.

With long silky black waist length hair and a superb petite figure, Daisy's delicate charm will entice you. Feel the warm caress of her butterfly hands all over your body as she kisses you passionately. Daisy has the moves to have you begging for more. With a body you cannot resist, meet Daisy tonight! Having heard that Daisy was back, I rang Liaisons and made an appointment. Was taken to the room and instantly we started getting our hands all over each other.

I then took my clothes off and headed for the shower. After my shower I came back and spent a lot of time with her feeling her up, until she leaned over and gave me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had in a parlour. Then she positioned herself into a 69 position. I started to eat her cunt while fingering her hard and fast. I then moved her onto her back, and fucked her as hard and fast as I could manage.

I then moved her into doggy style, and have to say her body is smokin hot. I could hear her constantly saying "fuck me baby fuck me hard". I kept fucking her until I exploded with an awesome orgasm. We talked for a while and then it was time for round two. We started to get intimate once more, kissing and fondling each other until I got hard again. I then started fucking her again in doggy style until I came again. Even though it was after midnight and I was a little tired, I was still really happy that I came to Liaisons and had fun with Daisy.

Then I had a shower, and so did Daisy. We chatted some more and then said our goodbyes. Delilah 23 Brunette 10B Caribbean 8 5'5". Delilah is a dark skinned exotic beauty. She has a fantastic size 8 figure with a body you wont be able to resist. With long long legs that go all the way to heaven she will put a spell on you from the moment you meet her. Spend some time with Delilah and take a walk on the wild side.

Feeling a bit bored this morning and up for some fun, so headed to Liaisons. Heard Delilah was available and made a 1 hour booking. Stayed with her before, killer body and alway fun and up for a good times.

After the usual, we started with some kissing which heated things up real quick. After a couple of minutes of this she worked her way down for a awesome blow job, lots of tongue, she almost deep throated me too. Then she climbed on top for a ride on my cock before finishing in doggy. Had a nice chat, easy to talk to, then on to round 2.

Much the same this time asked if I could finish on her tits, she got down on her knees and she took great pleasure it making me cum all over them. Overall great booking and definitely worth seeing. Demi 25 Brunette 10B Australian 6 5'5". Demi is a sexy and seductive lady, full of energy and enthusiasm.

She is truly a gorgeous brunette with beautiful eyes and an amazing size 6 figure. If you want to take a trip to a fantasy world then Demi is the lady for you. She provides a exciting experience and is a fascinating companion.

Very passionate and sensual, Demi is a wonderful choice! I must say that Demi is one of the most enthusiastic lovers I have had in a long time. She has a gorgeous body. As soon as I had had a shower, she was ready to ravish me.

We started with a preliminary blow job, where upon she obligingly opened her legs and I was soon sucking away at her precious cunt. She rewarded me with some delighted moans, saying "I'm going to cum. I have rarely experienced such enthusiasm and we were both ready to cum.

We then flipped into missionary. I said "Lift your legs higher, sweetheart," which she did. I then suggested we do doggie, to which the response was "yes, please. We then went back to cowgirl and Demi was as enthusiastic as ever. I whispered in Demi's ear "cum for me babe," which she did. We lay back for a while, then Demi began to massage me and my main man began to harden again.

She began with a delicious head job, which she said she loved and I came again. Demi has a wonderful slim body and sensitive nipples, which she loved having caressed by my slippery tongue. Definitely can recommend her. Destiny 25 Brunette 10E Australian 8 5'8". Destiny is an immaculate striking brunette with a 10E bust and a body to die for. She spends a lot of time working on her body to please you.

Why not enjoy the company of our exquisite Destiny tonight while she takes you on a magical mystery tour into a world filled with your desires. Diamond 24 Brunette 10B African 8 5'6". New to Liaisons, our Diamond might well be a true diamond in the ruff, as she has all the makings of fun and is playful lady who loves to explore and tease.

Diamond is not one to shy away from keeping her man entertained. She is ready to give her all, and she has just arrived, so guys come on in and and say hello! I dropped by Liaisons this evening.

Met nine ladies all of them good quality but was taken by the final introduction from Diamond. Now this dark skinned stunner just wins you over straight away. Was only going to book 30 minutes but changed my mind and went for 45 minutes.

Great call as it turned out. Paid my dues and get taken to the room for the shower and by the time I am done she is already back in the room. She tells me that I will have the time of my life and instigates passionate kissing during which I remove her clothes. Diamond has a great body.

Some more passionate kissing and then I lay her on the bed kissing her neck and working my way down to licking her out.

This is my specialty and she loves it moaning and thrusting her hips through the whole session. After probably ten minutes she pulls my head out of her dripping cunt and tells me in the most wicked voice " you are going to pay for that". I roll over and am as hard as a rock. Diamond proceeds to kiss me then moving on to giving me the best blow job. What that girl can do is beyond belief. She continues for what seems forever until I cant take any more.

We then move straight into doggie. The mirrors are on every wall at Liaisons so I am going for it with all my energy with Diamond screaming for more while watching the whole time. Diamond then asks if she can put her legs together and we continue doggy until we both collapse with a massive climax. Conversation then resumes while she gives me a pleasant back rub. Some more passionate kissing and then into the shower for me. She sees me out but not before more passionate kissing as I am leaving.

Diamond has an insatiable personality and I would have to say after visiting parlours for over 20 years she has gone to the top of the list and believe me I have seen some good ones. I would definitely recommend Diamond to anyone looking for a brilliant service. Donna 23 Brunette 36D Brazilian 8 5'4". Donna is a beautiful 23yo Brazilian lady with a lovely size 8 body, and a huge DD cup bust. Donna is simply gorgeous. With lots of hot passionate kissing this lady really knows how to provide a hot full on service that will blow your mind.

Donna's art of seduction is unique and is sure to blow your mind. Was feeling frisky so thought I'd treat myself. Always such a huge selection at Liaisons but today I opted for a brand new girl Donna.

From the outset she made me feel very comfortable with a great blow job before she climbed on top and really drove it home. We finished in doggy position and god she was a sight to see from that vantage point and with the room covered in mirrors. A quick clean and we had some time left over so she asked me if I wanted to fuck her again.

Best offer I have had in ages The buzzer went just as i came a second time. I cant wait to go back again as this girl drives me mad with desire. I cant stop thinking about her. Dylan 26 Brunette 10C Australian 8 5'5". Ebony 23 Brunette 8C Ethiopian 6 5'4". Ebony is a beautiful 23 year old brunette with a hot size 6 body. She's extremely sultry with a seductive look and a very proactive sensual nature.

Immaculately presented Ebony will take you to heaven and back. Ebony really knows how to please her man. Edie 25 Brunette 10C Eurasian 8 5'3". Edie is our lovely Asian flower, Edie is sensual and passionate in nature which shines through in her service. If you made a visit to see her previously you would know what she offers. My experience with Edie was excellent.

In the intro, she is definitely a girl-next-door type with lovely smile. Since it is my first time with her, I booked 45 minutes.

I would have to say the receptionists at Liaisons are very patient and helpful. In the room, a quick health check was performed and followed by my shower. Edie returned and we started kissing.

She has a very soft tongue that I like and I explored her body lightly. Clothes off, I started kissing her body first. I spent some time on her nipples. She was quite sensitive there, so it left me no choice but go further down.

At my request, she instructed how to eat her cunt to make her cum. She moaned very loudly and her legs tightened when she cum. Then she returned my favour and I held her head lightly when she held my cock in her mouth. With sex, we did missionary, and I placed her legs at different positions, lifting, bending, splitting. Her body is so flexible that I enjoy every position with her. Having sex with a flexible girl really felt different.

One very good thing is Edie seeks eye contact when fucking me. After sex we had little chat and then the buzzer went off to end a memorable booking. Elizabeth 19 Blonde 34C Australian 8 5'11". Elizabeth is an absolute living-doll! With her sweet endearing personality, she will certainly get you hot-under-the-collar. This lady is young tall and gorgeous. Sexy things come in sexy packages and Elizabeth is no exception. This hot young 19yo brunette is slim sleek and very eager to please you. Why not spoil yourself today with her!

I had come in to Liaisons tonight hoping to see Elizabeth, purely based on the website's description. She was pretty and friendly with very nice breasts, and as she turned away, her shapely bum sealed the deal. In the room, I mentioned I was a bit nervous, and she put me right at ease. She was so warm and friendly, and provided a Girlfriend experience.

She was wonderful in cowgirl and missionary positions. The service was very warm and she often held me with what felt like genuine affection. Overall, Elizabeth is lovely and I would recommend her to anyone after some real warmth and a great service.

Elle 18 Brunette 34B Australian 8 5'5". Elle is the ideal young Lady you've dreamed of, she's a darling at only 18 yo she is shy and timid Was feeling really stressed tonight so I headed for Liaisons. I chose the lovely Elle tonight. Upstairs for a shower and an inspection and let the action begin. Elle is such a good kisser. Next came the blow job, just how I like it nice and slow while Elle was looking me in the eyes.

Before long I was as hard as a rock and ready for the main event. I began fucking her long and slow building up the motion until It became hard and fast. I cum with such an orgasm that I needed a lot of time to recover.

Jump into the shower and then with another long and slow passionate kiss it was time to go home. Emma 23 Brunette 10B Asian 6 5'4". This petite size 6 has a figure to make you drool. At 23 years old Emma is all class, as she embodies the elegant grace of a Asian princess. Emma loves to treat you like royalty. Be seated on your pleasure throne thinking with desire as she takes you to unexperienced levels of perfection.

Returned to Liaisons today after I got told there was a brand new lady working. Totally my thing so I waited to get an intro. In walks Emma a stunner in lingerie.

I have the usual check and quick shower and then Emma struts back in. She has the best body - just awesome. I couldn't wait to rip everything off but played with her for a bit. We got into some passionate kissing and I got to enjoy this beautiful woman's soft lips. Eventually I moved her onto my hard cock and away we went. She gave a decent blow job, and we fucked in so many different positions and it felt so good. She's a loud one too as I blew my huge load right into her. Overall a great booking with a fun chick that gives great service.

Fern 20 Brunette 36B Australian 6 5'6". Fern is an extremely sexy playmate. Oozing sensuality her slim and toned frame is absolute perfection. Fern knows how to use her amazing body. Size 6 with a perfect body Fern will have you lusting for more.

With an extremely open mind this willing lover offers a passionate girlfriend experience. For lots of hot passionate kissing see Fern today!

Dropped by Liaisons one afternoon and met the gorgeous Fern. We had a quick chat and I found out that mutual oral and kissing was included in the service at no extra charge. The service started with passionate kissing - so far the "girlfriend experience" was off to a brilliant start. She then moved into giving me an unbelievable blow job after which she then jumped on top of me. It was a great sight to see such a good looking girl moving in time and passionately kissing me.

To finish, we rolled over into the missionary position and I fucked her good and proper till I blew. Finished with a nice light massage and a chat - she really seemed to relax after the deed was done. All-in-all I had a great time and I hope to see Fern upon my next visit at the amazing Liaisons!!

She jumped on me and grinded away like it was the last cock she was ever going to sit on. It was amazing watching her move up and down on my cock, slowly then fast then slowly. My now throbbing cock was really appreciating all the attention it had received this day at Liaisons Fern just keep riding me and going hard at it. Her smallish breast are made all the better by the most outstanding nipples one has seen.

Fern really enjoys fucking, she is not one of those ladies who goes through the motions. You can genuinely see she enjoys sucking, kissing and of course fucking Anyway, Fern kept fucking my cock for what seemed like an entirety and after her second mind blowing orgasm she decided to come down of my now pulsating member and give it some attention with her mouth and hands She kept stroking my now ready to explode rock hard cock and then she would slow down to tease me some more, it was almost painful… but what a pain it was.

The buzzer went, and I felt a bit disappointed. I would recommend her to anybody looking for one the most outstanding sexual partners that one is able to find.

Flora 20 Brunette 34C Australian 6 5'9". Yes Gentleman we are adding another new brunette to our line up and she is sure to get your heart pumping!! Flora is our true blue Aussie brunette. She is only 20 years of age and new to the industry. She absolutely gorgeous and her beautiful facial features will have you turning to take a double look. Her figure is stunning and her service untameable. Flora is one not to miss!!!! Popped into Liaisons recently and chose Flora from a line up of 8 or 9 hot looking young women.

I chose her on the receptionist recommendation and boy was I pleased. From the moment the booking started, she jumped on me and gave me the best blow job I have ever had, with lots of deep throat. She turned herself around for a fantastic 69er. Flora was very energetic during our booking as she really gets into it with lots of moaning. I really loved it best when she laid back on the bed and looked straight back into my eyes and said "come on Jeff Once I had my orgasm she did not stop there, as she recommenced kissing me and licking me again all over to get me hard again so I could fuck her again.

She is a great chick and highly recommended. Frankie 25 Blonde 10E Australian 8 5'10". Frankie is stunning and beautiful. She has a perfect size 8 body, slim and toned with a gorgeous 10E bust. This exciting playmate is your willing lover. Expect things to heat up quickly as she is eager to please. Every minute with Frankie is destined to bubble over with pleasure. Come on in and meet Frankie tonight! Having heard about Frankie from a mate of mine I thought I might give her a visit.

After making a booking I arrived at Liaisons straight after work. Frankie met me in sexy black lingerie, proving as stunningly beautiful as I had hoped. She is 24 years old with an absolutely gorgeous body, with nice firm breasts, a flat stomach over long sexy legs and what proved to be a beautiful pussy, dark hair, green eyes and a very inviting smile.

She looked even better naked. I made sure to make the most of her lovely breasts and pussy. At her instigation the oral started with me standing and her kneeling in front of me, deep throating me with quite impressive skill and determination.

Oral really is amongst her considerable talents. After a bit of this we moved onto the bed, were I enjoyed the taste of her juices during mutual oral, while with her encouragement my fingers explored the depths of her wet and inviting pussy.

This was followed by some 69, her on top then me. We started the actual fucking in missionary and went at it pretty strong, Frankie informing me that I should fuck her as hard and long as I wanted. I did my best to comply with her repeated urges to fuck her hard, in the different variations of missionary legs over shoulders, pinning her down,etc , then moving into cowgirl and doggy.

She had quite an impressive amount of energy and we went at it hard and strong in them all. Frankie displayed a high level of enthusiasm throughout it all, made me feel at home fulfilling pretty much all of my desires.

I have no doubt at all that Frankie loves sex and enjoys her work. She was very encouraging, very much a Girlfriend experience. After we finished we chatted for a while, and Frankie revealed herself as an intelligent woman, who is good company and fun to chat with. She is a pleasant woman who loves her work. She has wide boundaries and loves to please her clients, and she is happily prepared to go beyond the call of duty to do so.

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Professor Campbell sums this whole phenomenon up succinctly, if not a little less prosaically than yours truly LOL:. In short, women have greater potential costs than men in terms of self-esteem and reputation, and it may only be in the cold light of day, when sexual arousal has abated, that such costs are appraised.

Young, Free and Disappointed. Yeah, I could see how a woman would think that as she eyes down some sleazy inebriated palooka from across the club. Needless to say, it rarely turns out this way. A recent study found that high - quality sex during casual hook-ups rarely led to regret among Canadian university students, whereas the opposite was true for low quality sex[3].

However, most of the participants reported feelings of regret after an uncommitted sexual encounter, which would indicate that the overwhelming majority of their casual sex encounters were pretty lame. Well, I kinda forgot to mention that this applies only to healthy, well-adjusted men. Unfortunately, the main priorities for a lot of blokes these days are booze and sports, in that order.

Sex is valued by these jokers too, but mainly so they can have something to brag to their mates about. As such, their sexual skill set often matches that of a stray animal: Mount, hump, and hope for the best.

Then rush off to the pub to tell their mates what a mind-blowing Valentino they were LOL. Little surprise then that Campbell reports women obtained less sexual satisfaction from one night stands, often expressing disappointment with the quality of the sexual encounter and a sense that the experience as a whole did not live up to their preconceptions:.

Not everything you see on TV and read in magazines is true. In fact, a lot of it is fanciful, idealized and often downright implausible bollocks constructed for no other purpose than to attract as big an audience as possible.

This malarkey should be construed as nothing other than entertainment, not sound information upon which you should base potentially life-changing decisions. In the movies, the peachy-skinned starlet gets swept off her feet by a dashing millionaire driving a Lotus Esprit. Above - the Hollywood version. Below - the real world version. But what if women truly do accept the short-term nature of casual encounters? The big sore point with women appears to be the lack of recognition following the event.

When a woman agrees to sex after a short period of courtship, she expects a degree of appreciation since in the economics of sexual exchange she has lowered her usual market price for the interaction Baumeister and Vohs A failure to accord this courtesy may be read as an implication that her price is habitually low. There is indeed research to show that, when assessing potential casual sex partners, many men will lower the standards they normally seek in a woman] raises the possibility that her partner evaluated her attractiveness as low.

As the woman sees it, her male partner was willing to have a clandestine sexual encounter but would not be willing to conduct a public relationship with her. Once Bitten, Twice Gullible. These findings all raise an obvious question: If women have such negative evaluations of the casual sex experience, why do they do it? Regardless of how they felt afterwards, the fact remains that at the time they chose to go ahead and have a transitory hookup.

This is where things get interesting, especially for those of us who find evolutionary psychology so fascinating. Your Cave or Mine? This observation applies also to men who, though more positive than women, expressed reservations about their experiences.

For both sexes, the natural and immediately satisfying culmination of sexual arousal is intercourse. What this means is that there may be a potent subconscious motivation, cognitively hard-wired into females over literally millions of years of evolution, that overrides common-sense and long-term concerns in favour of seizing short-term opportunities to mate with males of higher genetic quality.

Yeah, I know, a lot of the males modern women are seizing just such opportunities with can hardly be considered shining examples of genetic superiority. The widely accepted theory in evolutionary psychology is that men are far more conducive to casual sex encounters because, for them, the overall time and effort involved is low, yet each encounter offers them yet another opportunity to spread their genes.

But for women - who for most of human evolution had no access to effective contraception - every sexual encounter carried with it potential and highly significant costs; namely, pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing. As such, it served women well throughout evolution to consider such encounters with a far more cautious attitude than men. This would in turn maximize her chances of bearing offspring of similar genetic quality[4].

There were no PhDs, no gyms, and no Krav Maga studios back then; back in the Paleolithic era, if you were a well-built alpha male who could kick ass and hunt up a storm, chances are you were born that way. In support of this theory are the scientific findings that women especially prefer physical strength and muscularity in short-term as opposed to long-term partners[5]. Researchers again speculate this may be an evolutionary ingrained preference designed to favour individuals of higher genetic quality.

During the ovulatory phase, women who are not on the contraceptive pill report increased sexual desire, are more physically aroused by explicit sexual material, and show stronger positive feelings and EEG responses to nude males [].

During ovulation, mated women fantasize more frequently about sex with men other than their primary partner , and one study found this effect was confined to women whose usual partners have low symmetry[17, 18]. The former study showed that attached women reported greater sexual interest in, and fantasy about, other men near ovulation, but did not report significantly greater sexual interest in and fantasy about their existing partners. These women also reported that their partners became both more attentive and possessive near ovulation.

No bloody wonder LOL. Another study showed that near ovulation, both single and attached women reported greater interest in attending social gatherings where they might meet men, and attached women reported greater flirtation with other men.

Again, these effects were exhibited primarily by women who perceived their partners to be low on hypothesized indicators of good genes. Another noteworthy finding in this study was that increases in partner mate guarding by males e. Mid-cycle increases in mate guarding were experienced primarily by less attractive women, whereas more attractive women experienced relatively high levels of mate guarding throughout their entire cycle[19].

Ovulation, it would appear, not only increases sexual motivation but directs it toward men of high genetic quality - much to the chagrin of jealous boyfriends and husbands everywhere. I could go on and on, but I think you all get the point. Women have a lot to lose by engaging in one night stands, but the trait predisposing to casual sex has persisted throughout evolution because it endowed at least some women the opportunity to secure higher quality genetic contributions to their reproductive efforts.

Not surprisingly, women tend to have a heightened attraction to males with traits indicating genetic superiority when they are at the most fertile part of their monthly cycle. While one night stands may have offered a reproductive advantage to some women, the costs were often severely prohibitive for others.

If the woman already had a partner, she risked violent retribution and abandonment, the former jeopardizing her well-being and even life, the latter potentially denying her the protection and resources needed for successful child-rearing. Ultimately, the perceived long-term value of women is more seriously damaged by casual sex because of the disparity in confidence in parenthood. Prior to the advent of DNA testing, a man whose partner had potential access to other men had no way of guaranteeing with absolute certainty the child she bore was his.

Men, as a result, have evolved to be more suspicious of women with a demonstrated or perceived propensity for casual sex than those without such a propensity. This often causes them to regret the experience after the fact. Lack of subsequent contact and acknowledgement by the male partner is construed by a woman that he considered her mating value as low, and constitutes a further and especially common source of regret for women who engage in one night stands.

Sleazy is as Sleazy Does. Women seem hell-bent on proving they can be just as sexually reckless as men, and STD rates have increased markedly as a result. A recent Australian survey from Nielsen, commissioned by dating site RSVP, found that singles over 50 are the most likely group - of any - to have sex on the first date. And during those one night stands, those older women are much less likely to have protected sex.

An earlier survey by Family Planning NSW in , confirmed women over 40 were more likely to agree to sex without a condom. Gonorrhea too has increased in the over 40s. However, when a woman is on vacation and surrounded by strangers, with her usual social environment a long plane flight behind her, such concerns quickly evaporate.

Yep, when the cat is thousands of miles away, the mouse will quickly let her hair down and play. The findings were revealed in a poll for dating website MissTravel. Most British women who had sex while on holidays did so with multiple partners. Most Promiscuous in the World? In , condom manufacturer Durex released the results of its Sexual Wellbeing Global survey after questioning 26, people in 26 countries. New Zealand women were the most promiscuous of all the countries surveyed, with an average of The global average was 7.

New Zealand was also unusual for being the only country where women had more sexual partners than their men. Kiwi blokes were 11th on the men's list with an average of Following the Durex survey, TVNZ Sunday investigated the sexual behavior of Kiwi women, reporting that "young New Zealand women were regularly getting drunk and cruising around in packs searching for men to have sex with". In candid interviews about their sexual experiences some of the women who were all in their twenties felt empowered by having sex and wanted to celebrate and enjoy it.

McIntyre said all the women who had experienced one-night stands had been affected by alcohol. The Most Promiscuous Countries in the World. A study published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences featured a smaller sample of respondents, but a much larger number of countries than the Durex survey, and also employed the use of a validated sexual index. Researchers administered what is known as the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory SOI to a sample of 14, people across 48 nations[20].

According to the originators of the SOI, those who score relatively low on the index tend toward monogamy, prolonged courtship, and heavy emotional investment in long-term relationships. Those scoring at the high end tend toward promiscuity, are quick to have sex, and experience lower levels of emotional investment in romantic relationships.

Nonetheless, those who score higher on the scale tend to have more one-night stands, fantasize more about having sex with someone other than their current partner, and possess more permissive attitudes toward casual, uncommitted sex. I should also point that the scores comprise the results from both men and women; however, countries where promiscuity scores are high got to be that way thanks to the combined efforts of both male and female residents.

So, I hear you all asking with baited breath, which countries came in at the top of the scale? Now, when I think of Finns I think of lumberjacks, world-class powerlifters, and people who are apparently OK with freezing-ass weather. The mean SOI score for all countries in the study was Runner-up was New Zealand, proving the Kiwis have finally found a sport at which they can consistently beat Australia: Oh boy, here comes the hate mail…LOL. Interestingly, one of the factors that correlated strongly with national sociosexuality levels was the male: In contrast, cultures with more men than women e.

This is a point worth reflecting on: The observation that when women hold the power, in terms of high national male: But I could be wrong….

God Save the Queen. And nearly a quarter of women in their 20s have had an abortion. Regret was highest in the youngest age category: Research shows that as divorced men age, unless they suffer some kind of health or financial catastrophe, their chances of remarrying remain relatively constant.

Women's prospects of remarriage, in contrast, decline linearly as they age, which may help explain their increasing acceptance of casual sex. Also, it's interesting to note that regret of casual sex was lowest in forty-something women who, the whole "cougar" fad aside, are fast approaching the end of their reproductive years and hence typically experiencing significantly lowered mate value to men.

She now has a son, 14, a daughter, 12, and is married to Richard, 52, an IT consultant, and admits her husband has no idea how promiscuous she was before they met. Luckily for Jayne, and mercifully for the gene pool, she was on the Pill and did not suffer an unwanted pregnancy; neither did she contract a STD. But as soon as she met Richard, 23 years ago, she began to feel guilt and regret, which compounded when her daughter reached adolescence. Despite the high levels of regret, the figures nonetheless show most of the respondents in fact suffered little to no remorse about their casual encounters.

And British women are hardly the only ones with such flippant attitudes to boinking strangers. That's why she hasn't asked the three men she's currently sleeping with about their sexual pasts. And when they inquire about hers, she lies. They don't know she's had sex with dozens of guys, and she doesn't want them to they might erroneously think she's a skank, you see so instead she automatically recites six, the magic number she and her friends have decided sounds most acceptable.

Jenny is focused on her public relations career in Philadelphia and has no interest in pursuing a committed relationship. Her theory is that "If you're with multiple people, you can't get your heart broken". So she goes ahead and does "the dude downstairs" - a friend's ex - with whom she could never have a relationship outside the bedroom. There's also the old pal who is "just a friend with benefits, nothing else," who texts her for late night booty calls.

She's also cool with firing out naked self-portraits from her BlackBerry: She's also cool with boozing herself loose for sexual encounters "Alcohol is always involved because it makes you bold enough to act and feel a certain way" , even though she tends to have unsafe sex when she's sloshed. There are the hit-or-miss protective measures "I don't always use condoms - I take morning-after pills when I need to" , even though she assumes the men she sleeps with are intimate with other women too.

Nothing bad can possibly happen to me. Ditto for the poor schmuck who eventually latches onto Diana, a year-old staffing agency manager, who nonchalantly reports "Hooking up is something to do until I find someone.

It's not a problem meeting a guy and going home with him. You don't have any inhibitions" Diana says. She's slept with 32 men in the six years since she lost her virginity, and she doesn't care if anyone tries to "slut-shame" her:. Other people can judge, but it's you who ultimately needs to be OK with your decisions. Despite her lack of shame, even Diana has anxious moments resulting from her promiscuity. She frequently has unsafe sex and is "paranoid" and gets STD tests every six months.

She says she gets furious with her friends - including the four of whom have HPV - who sleep around without using protection. It's girls like you who spread it around and make it dangerous for me".

This, despite the fact that Diana herself doesn't always demand her partners don a wetsuit before surfing in her swell, so to speak. I feel so bad about making such a stupid mistake.

I'm hoping that I don't have to learn the hard way to stop doing it. The carry-on of sheilas like Jenny and Diana reflects a growing and alarming trend: Studies show that while young women are sleeping with ever-increasing numbers of men, they are using latex less often. Unlike Diana and Jenny, year-old Whitney, who works in Boston's finance industry, is mortified when she recalls her past promiscuity.

When she was in college, her friends teased her about attaching herself to a serious boyfriend. Why would you stay with one person? Back with her college sweetheart today poor cuckolded bugger , she's still horrified about buying into the anonymous-sex scene at school.

Drew, host of the nationally syndicated show Loveline, explains. And the hook-up culture knocks aside the fear of consequences. Nancy, who's had about 30 sexual partners, says alcohol "is a big thing" and admits she's not overly concerned about her unprotected sex with multiple partners.

She doesn't always use condoms, and never for oral sex. I don't use protection," she says. And yet unprotected oral sex may be one of the most widespread and most dangerous sexual practices for women's health. Oral and throat cancers have recently been causally linked to the same HPV strains that cause cervical cancer; herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea also can be easily transmitted from mouth-to- genital contact, though many women are completely unaware of the risk.

He never told her about his infection. According to Womens Health , some experts blame eight years of abstinence-only education the only sex ed that was federally funded under President George Dubya Bush - for not only failing to inform younger women about the risks of unprotected oral sex, but also for actually fuelling its popularity. Young women figured oral sex pleased their partners yet preserved their virginity, as did anal sex, another risky sexual behaviour that's becoming more prevalent.

Yeah, I know what all you jokers are thinking: Not wanting to be a killjoy, but keep in mind that, as with oral sex, a lot of heterosexual anal penetration occurs without protection again, apologies if you were eating right now. Because the rectum lacks natural lubrication, the resulting tiny tears in its lining make perfect entry points for STDs.

A sex researcher before a big night out on the town. FFS, what on Earth are they thinking? You know, I might just ring a really smart guy I know and ask him what he reckons about this. Excuse me for a moment, folks:. Let me guess - you got sick of replying to poncey vegans and arguing with tossers about cholesterol and low-carb diets, huh?

So what do you need to know, bro? As a result, they then engage in risky stuff like unprotected sex with multiple partners of highly dubious genetic quality. The dumbassness of such a practice seems so absurdly obvious to me I just had to run it by the Grandmaster of Obviousness himself. Which begs the question: Shit Anthony, have you ever thought of joining the Obvious Team?

You know, we could really do with a guy like you! This means that the next morning when feelings of guilt and shame start to settle in, they can attempt to quell those feelings by blaming their actions on the alcohol.

The more obvious something is, the more likely people will overlook it. Take care now, and remember, stick to girls who only drink water [laughing]! And Now, a Word from Your Captain: The Obvious Guide to Casual Sex! Hey there folks, Captain Obvious here!

Your Captain, therefore, knows a few things about casual hook-ups. Believe me, you jokers are doing it all wrong: Yeah, I know you all like to think you know everything there is to know about sex…which of course is why you need to booze yourself into oblivion to get primed for the event, and why so many of you wake up the next morning feeling full of regret. A genuine original, you…. Uh, sorry guys, I have these really vivid 80s flashbacks every now and then. Anyway, without further ado, here are the Obvious guidelines to casual sex, which deep down inside you probably already knew but were too distracted, wasted, or wishful to acknowledge.

Wake up and smell the regret. Start taking responsibility for your actions. And this definitely includes you, ladies. Some of the finest Academy Award-worthy performances happen nowhere near the silver screen; they happen right before the act of coitus. A lot of guys will pretty much say and do anything to get you to give up that bootay. Is this honest and ethical?

Wake up to this fact and proceed accordingly. Because when the bra comes off you wonder where it all went. Peer pressure and the popular media, a long-favoured tool of social engineers, are huge culprits here.

Along with increasingly explicit TV shows, movies and music videos, book publishers have seen fit to release material of such intellectual brilliance as The Hookup Handbook: Listen to Captain, kids: Your sexual behaviour should be centered on commonsense and an honest sober examination of your own needs, standards and comfort levels, as well as a ruthlessly objective consideration of the potential physical and psychosocial consequences of casual sex.

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